I have always loved the game of pinball; it’s something that has always stuck with me throughout growing up.... Be it in an arcade or pub, if I seen one I couldn’t resist playing it. So when Richard and I decide to pursue opening a craft beer and speciality coffee bar, I decide I would throw pinball into the mix... Richard wasn’t initially sold on the idea but after attending the UK Pinball Party he was hooked as me.

I think the best aspect of having pinball as part of the bar, is the reception we have received from the UK pinball community.  We have had people from all corners of the country visiting to play “pinball in the wild”, until we opened there was a handful of places that had 3 or 4 machine but nothing to the scale we are hoping to achieve.

This lead to Martin Ayub’s great article on us,

On 25th January 2016 we held the first Tilt Pinball League, kindly run by Waynes Johns, it was a  great first meetup and we had 20 people enter and i hope i can say everyone had a good time...

The next meet up will be on Monday 29th February 2016.