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One of our guiding principles here at Elusive is to be open and collaborative. We've worked with many breweries both before we were up and running and in the months since then. Collaborating with other breweries is important to us. To learn, to share and to help each other is one of the key differentiators between 'craft' and big beer - and we've certainly benefited and hopefully helped others along the way.

COLLABAGEDDON was an idea we'd been milling around that really started to come to fruition whilst we were out drinking in Southampton with our friends at Vibrant Forest. We at Elusive already had some collaborative brews lined up and as the afternoon progressed and ideas were exchanged over a beer or six, a few DMs and emails were sent here and there to try to tie it all together under an umbrella event. We were amazed at the response we had from our friends and are delighted to now be able to share the finer details with you!

The idea is a simple one - we bring together some great breweries (both old hands and new kids on the block) to brew a range of diverse beers that we launch all around the UK on the same night. Given the project is built around the idea of being collaborative, sharing and learning, we created pairings to bring together two breweries per beer who usually brew quite different styles to each other - diversity being a key driver. The eight beers we'll be brewing sees each brewery welcome a guest at their place before they take to the road to brew a beer at a different brewery. The eighth beer sees all involved descend upon our wonderful friends at Weird Beard with the aim of a) having lots of fun of course and b) producing something that all seven breweries involved will have contributed an element to. We can't wait! Here are the 'fixtures' showing who's brewing each of the eight beers:

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