On the last Monday of the month we host a friendly pinball league

  • Practice starts at 18:30

  • League starts at 19:00

  • £3 per month - which includes all machines at Tilt on FREEPLAY for the evening

  • 6 randomly drawn machines to be played - First score counts and has to be witnessed by another player

  • 1 Joker maybe played - Basically you get the choice to replay a game that you feel you didn't well in... But for BETTER or WORSE that score counts...

  • 5 qualifying meets and 6th meet is the finals

  • This seasons meets - 25th February - 25th March - 29th April - 27th May - 24th June - 29th July (Finals)


meet 1 results - mon 25th february 2019

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 12.17.16.png